Our Family

Oak Cottage has been run by our family for over the past 24 years.



​France Theanne has experience in working with people who have learning difficulties, and in later years progressed to being on the board for The Royal College of Nursing.

He and his wife, Stella, decided to retire early to open a care home, which is something they'd always dreamt of doing.



​Stella Theanne worked at Hill End, specialising in mental health before moving on to work for a Community Church as part of the Hill End Team.

Her role was to help those with Mental Health issues settle back into the community.


The Sisters

France and Stella ran Oak Cottage successfully before asking their 3 daughters to also join....



Rebecca's career started with management in the IT industry, before leaving that position to take up with the family business. Here, she gained much knowledge about the industry and stakeholders working alongside her dad, France.

She has since completed many courses such as, Level 2&3 in Health & Social Care, ILM in Leadership & Management, Dementia Champion, PVS - Positive Behaviour Support, Level 5 Leadership & Management In Health & Social care, and it currently working towards her Degree in Leadership & Professional Development.

Rebecca is one busy bee, with her young family, studies, and managing Oak Cottage, which she been the registered manager of since 2017.



Next to join the family team was Nathalie, the eldest of the sisters.

Nathalie's background was working within the fashion industry, buying fabric for suppliers and well known high street brands. She joined Oak Cottage after having her first child.

She has completed her Level 3 in Health & Social care and is currently working towards completing her Level 5 in Leadership & Management.



​The last to join was Michelle, who had previously worked within a marketing team, designing Cafes around London. After a year living in Spain, she too joined the family team.

Now a mother of 2 and juggling school pick ups and work, Michelle has completed her Level 3 in Health & Social care and is working towards completing her Level 5 in Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care.